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21st October, 2000 | 11:10 – 11:30

Living in a void.
That’s what we are doing.
Waking up – ‘coz we went to sleep;
Sleeping – ‘coz we’ve been awake for so long.
Work – ‘coz we don’t know better;
Talk – ‘coz we don’t value silence.

But then,
what’s the use of all this?
Where does it lead to?
We come empty handed –
and we will go back likewise –
where to?
ah! there lies the surprise!
Nobody knows.

But then,
nobody cares about it either.
All – including myself –
are busy – very busy –
fooling ourselves.
sans reason, sans understanding,
after prestige, power, pelf –
after woman, wealth, wine –
not knowing, not realizing
the Game that’s Divine.

God –
wonder who He is,
but He surely controls all –
plays, and enjoys the Game,
while we, mindless puppets,
go on dancing eternally
tied, to the threads
attached to, and pulled by,
our Life Givers’ Hands.

Sometimes loving,
sometimes loathing,
we continue
living this lifeless life
like zombies walking
in the nowhere of time and space,
a Trishanku.


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