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17th December, 2014 | 9:21 – 9:51

Sidney Lanier (February 3, 1842 – September 7, 1881), about two centuries ago, in his poem ACKNOWLEDGMENT said:

“If I do ask, How God can dumbness keep
While Sin creeps grinning through His house of Time,
Stabbing His saintliest children in their sleep,
And staining holy walls with clots of crime?—”

I sit today. Aghast.
Appalled as fiends –
I can’t bear to call them Men that Mother’s bore –
chanting Allah is Great
can commit such a hideously heinous deed –
can make the innocent blood bleed.
Yes, the animals were shot down.
But – does it end here? Anywhere?

As Lady Macbeth once feared –
the criminal masterminds shall too fear –
As there will always be the smell of the blood and
‘All the perfumes of Arabia’ will not sweeten their horrible hands.

They will lie awake as Macbeth,
and be terrifyingly tormented –
whose hands are plucking out their eyes!

Wash all you can, you demons, yet
all the water in the ocean cannot wash
this innocent, pure, blood from your hands!
Instead, your hands ‘will stain the seas scarlet,
turning the green waters red.’

I ask you – the other
gun-trotting, bomb-hurling, cold-blooded murderers –
will you, in the name of Jihad, support this deed?
Do you not worry about your own?
Remember – you HAVE to reap what you have sown.

What use are these killings,
Pray, tell me –
what do you want?
You silence the little left joyous sounds –
those of a child’s laughter –
in God’s Name?

Do you think even for once?
You claim you were tortured
and so you avenged –
but instead, you could have helped –
ended this cycle
used forgiveness – not AK47s –
as your weapons.

I can go on ranting –
and cannot further pretend –
Please, let’s all discuss,
find out ways for Peace –
and bring this to and end.


RIP, dear angels,
Maybe God did not want
you to see this ugly world
and wanted to keep you
Blessed around him,
surrounded in ethereal joys.

“I weep for you” – “I deeply sympathize”