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10th December, 1999

(Seems ironic that the prayer (modified today) was written in December, 1999 – almost 15 years ago – and holds so true in this painful moment. The prayer was written while working for Mr. Jagdish Gandhi, Manager, City Montessori School, Lucknow, and some branches might still be singing a bit different version of the Prayer in their Morning assembly.

Try to sing to the Tune of ‘We Wish You a Merry Christmas’.)

We pray for a peaceful world,
We pray for a hopeful world,
We pray for a loving world,
in the coming future.

We pray for peaceful years,
We pray for lesser tears,
We pray for worldwide cheers,
in the coming future.

We pray for friendly nights,
We pray for no more fights,
We pray for pleasanter sights,
in the coming future.

We pray you to sing with us,
We pray you to come with us,
We pray you to unite with us,
for a peaceful future.


But then, there’s a limit to everything – and snuffing out the light of the little ones – a child who went on her first day to playgroup – is just way too much.

The only way God can forgive You – TALIBAN – and not show you the doors of dozakh – hell – is to atone for your sins and give up your arms. Yes, you have been tortured too, and I can feel the pain you must have felt when you lost your near and dear ones, and understand that that’s what fuelled you to take revenge.

That said, I think you have done what you wanted to. So now, rise above, and end it here – right now. this will be for the best for all your – and our – future generations.

May Allah/God give you peace, and intelligence, and humanity to do the right thing.