28th May, 2001 | 11:30

Lie down.
Let your organs and senses
go limp.
Close your eyes softly.
As softly as possible.
Think of God.
Let a Bright Glow
cover you around
the darkness of your closed eyes
and fill you with a sense of
Focus, and repeat the word –
Tranquility –
as gently as possible.

Keeping your palms open heavenwards,
take a deep breath.
Let your diaphragm
expand to its fullest.
Feel Oxygen recharging
each part of your body.
Feel it
rising from your toes –
up your knees –
your chest.
Feel it recharge
your Heart –
move down your arms,
elbows, hands, fingers –
and the quick of your nails.
And then, let it retrace the path
and reach your brain,
pacifying it –
comforting it.

Breathe out softly.
all your despair,
hopelessness and helplessness,
all your negativity.
Flush them out of your system.

Thank God.