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19th March, 2001 | 23:30 – 23:40

I had written this 16 days after I landed at Hyderabad in 2001 to begin my journey as a professional. I was damn lonely – and my stylograph was a major support.

Following was the resultant outpour…

Shadow was walking alone in the labyrinth of the new city when Memory called up from behind and asked “Where do you go, friend?”

Shadow smiled and took Memory into a warm embrace – feeling nostalgic. They walked hand-in-hand for quite a distance, remembering all and sundry. It was all fine until Memory took out an album of friends and placed it in Shadows hand.

Shadow became quiet and sad, and freeing his hands from that of Memory’s, ran towards Tears who was standing at a distance with open arms. Shadow was swept away by the storm of grief, and keeping his head on Tears’ chest, drenched him with all that welled up from his eyes.

After his eyes dried up, Shadow thanked Tears and moved on – once again alone.

Suddenly, it was all dark – and Shadow saw Fear and Anxiety moving towards him. He looked to his left, he looked to his right – but then, on second thoughts, decided to give them a good fight.

He drew a Torch, and away fled Fear.
As for Anxiety, it daren’t come near –
for he saw Optimism standing just-right there!


I am reblogging this one from my old blog.