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7th December, 2000 | 11:38 – 11:50 — Wrote almost exactly 14 years ago!

The land lay lonely –
covered with crawling cracks
under the unrelenting, cold blooded sun.
Her children were hollow-eyed, empty-stomach.
The red dust
that once glorified the path dividing her hairline
had blown away two summers ago,
saturating her saree of multiple hues –
turning it white.

As she looked into
the three pairs of hollow eyes,
she was filled with a strange determination.
She looked up at Him,
and said “I’ll pass this test”,
while caressing the matted, rough,
course hair of her children.

The lecherous money-lender,
hollow cheeked, and a receding hairline,
welcomed the woman at his doorstep
with a toothless grin.
The wretched woman had no choice.
The deal was obvious –
give, and take.

9th December, 2000 | 12:53 – 13:01

She lay there.
A naked picture of innocent virtue.
An epitome of sacrifice.

As the devilish deed was done,
the hungry eyes of her children
floated before hers.
Her mind was blank, her body, numb, –
all she felt
was the sheer ecstasy, the delight
her children would express
when their hunger was satiated.

As she stumbled
out of the devils doorway,
the drought was over for her family –
and her white saree had a stain.


– did you think of Radha rani and Sukhilal while reading this?

The images, and reference used is from the Epic Indian Movie – Mother India.
There can’t be a better pic for this.