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19th May, 2001 | 11:50 – 12:10

I am a void.
And a blank void at that.
you still can’t do without me.
I am the hole your finger makes
when it dips in a bowl of water –
and comes out.
I am present one moment –
gone the next.

I am the deepest ocean, the highest peak –
the longest road, the widest sky you seek.

I am the minuscule. I am the giant –
the spoken word, and silence – the triumphant.

I am the fields, and the airy breeze,
I am the food, the heat, and the freeze.

I am the undying Faith, and the little weed –
I am the Open Gate, and the powerful mustard seed.

I am love, I am hate,
I am your actions, I am your fate.

I am your tears, I am your smile,
I am the society – I am the style!

I am your first breath – and your last vision –
I am your first action, and your last decision.

I am the Uncreated Creator.


Written after reading, and inspired, by the Bhagwad Gita.