30th March, 2002 | 20:30 – 20:45

Sitting still by the sea-side,
upon a Rock placed atop
a steep-slope,
I saw seven layers
of morning mist.

The mist was
dropping down, Descending
from the far away
Mountain, mingling into
the salty-sea.

The Sun, seeming undecided, –
uncertain –
of His aglowed appearance,
rose slowly
from the hazy horizon.

I looked patiently
at the silent, still-sea –
untormented, a deceptive, destructive force,
unmoving – yet creating waves
in a deep, crying heart.

Something forced me to throw the pebble –
piercing its heart.
The sea replied with a rippling laughter.
Perhaps laughing at me,
perhaps, it was hurt.

The ripples –
laughter loops – or crying circles –
whatever they were – soon faded.
Merged in the silent moment;
replaced by soothing serenity.

The waves flowed on.