31st December, 2014 | 16:26 – 17:26

As the end of this day draws nigh,
another year passes us by –
moments we cheered, moments we cried,
memories that make life worthwhile.

I leave behind moments that left me dry,
a few when I felt a fish deep-fried.
There were moments of truth, moments of lie –
sometimes I lost – though always tried.

I carry forward new friends, allies,
people intelligent and worldly-wise,
and experiences, and all books so nice,
that will help me grow, – I’ll arise.

This New Year there will be a positive chi,
every obstacle will I defy,
opportunities will open in a brightly lit sky,
to the highest zenith will I fly!

Dear Lord, please do guide,
Lead me on, to do – or to die.


Here’s wishing all my friends a very happy, peaceful, joyous, and prosperous 2015! 🙂