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15th December, 2000 | 10:15 – 10:25

A living void,
inhabited by our inhibited thoughts,
fears, and feelings.

While in its lap,
we are active, yet inactive,
living – yet like dead,
loving – yet unloved,
asleep – yet awake.

We see – but our eyes don’t,
we feel – but cannot touch,
we speak – but cannot hear our own self.

It’s a divine world
that’s not our own –
yet, lived in the present.


Have seen too many vivid dreams, and love to interpret them. Nature, and the fantastique, both surprise us with the kind of hints they provide by means of our dreams.
Do you know if you dream of a Bear following you, it indicates that someone is harassing you in real life?

More on this in another chain of articles dedicated to dreams coming up soon.