To the crusader of peace outside Capital Hall, Lucknow

You are not alone, Sir,
we the youth are with you.
If you want happiness, spread it—
got the clue?

Some of us have lost our souls,
in the race for money, misplaced our goals,
but, some live, still, just for others,
caring for their countrymen, their brothers.

Though the rate is slow,
but, be assured—we shall grow—
grow into one united nation,
without any creeds or vulgar fashions.

A day will come when humanity will rise,
Believe me, Sir, and don’t get surprised,
that day, Love shall reign supreme on our skies,
Where the peaceful, white dove flies.


This is the Title Poem of my first collection of poetry – We Shall Grow – that was published on 27th September, 2011.