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10th May, 2000 | 21:30 – 21:45

Nonsense is something that makes us all appear sensible. What will sense mean if there was no nonsense? Like darkness is simply defined as absence of light, maybe.

Nonsense refers to absurd actions, words, or meaningless ideas. And what else is our world than a bundle of meaningless existence of humanity covered in the shroud of senseless turmoil and strife?

A nonsensical person is called a fool, and surely, all of us ‘wise’ people assembled here know themselves to be fools for it’s just the folly of the fools to consider themselves wise. Thus, when we celebrate the All Fools Day, we are actually celebrating the importance of those without whom the wise won’t have any existence. They would be like happiness without misery – neither of which can survive without the other.

Even the wisest of all – Socrates – proclaimed that all that he ever achieved, or learnt, was ‘nothing’. If we are so ready to accept such a senseless life, a life without any meaning, – ‘There is no lack of void’ – as I think Goethe says, we surely must also embrace nonsense.

The problem arises when we take the term for its literal interpretation in its colloquial, common usage – that of a foolish person, act, or saying. Sure, it will be very foolish to tell your fathers profession when someone has asked you your skillset. Sorry, but you are bound to lose that job opportunity for sure.

Nonsense is bad if you try to make a fool of your elders or teachers – but it takes the form of art if being displayed on stage. Kapil Sharma? Anyone can make you cry. But it takes real talent and very hard, honest work to act as a fool in front of all. It is only then, when we behave in a manner we ought not to behave, can we make the audience laugh.

Nonsense, then, is actually the key to laughter in this world full of sobs and wails. We may not like fight sequences, but we surely end up guffawing watching comedians performing histrionics wearing red pants and yellow shirts with purple coats. If there was no need for nonsense, would Govinda have achieved the fame he did? Of course, his comic timing is just a tiny part of his talent.

In summary – if required, and if you can, try to spread laughter at times, sometimes, even at your own cost. Some lazy heart and protruding belly would thank you for providing it the best form of exercise/medicine there is – Laughter.


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