A Brothers’ Wooing

My first poem in English. Written in Class XI, 1995.


O’ my dear sisters (my own)!

Where has all your love for me, gone?

The love, which for me,

With such tenderness you had borne!

Our relationship – to me

Now seems to be split and torn –

The thought of the love I sought,

Too has become forlorn!

Have I tall so much grown –

Or the days (of happiness) so far away flown,

That I can just groan

Over the fact that now I am alone!

All the seeds of affection that I had in my heart

For you sown,

How could you have, with such indifference,

Back at my face, thrown?



3 thoughts on “A Brothers’ Wooing”

  1. Being Reminscent!!

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  2. Gr8 Amit…I wonder would I ever be able to write atleast half as good as this

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