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23rd November, 2000 | 19:10 – 19:18

His eyes moved all around.
As did his neck –
while his hands slyly pocketed
the nine new, still smelling of wood, Pocket Diaries
in his long overcoat.

He was making sure that nobody sees him.
But, what about Him?
“Bah!” he thought. “I ain’t no Saint.
And I ain’t not robbing no poor.
I’m Men D’oza,
and I live by robbin’ the rich.
I help the poor, like meself, yessir,
and I know it ain’t no wrong.”

Thinking thus, with a proud, erect gait,
he walked out of the gate,
whistling merrily.


The work has been inspired by a character called Mendoza from Man and Superman by G.B. Shaw, whose English (if it can be called so) has been aligned to the style of how Eliza Doolittle speaks in Shaw’s another great work, Pygmalion.