2nd October, 2000 | 11:00 – 11:20

In the morn,
she’s a bride in red, garlanding her lover;
in the noon, draped in dizzying silver,
she takes the seven rounds
upon his seven horses.

The evening
sees her in red, yet again,
while the night sees her in a black mood –
awaiting her lover’s return,
with a strange glow in her silvery eyes.

Sometimes, the Lady,
dressed in her azure apparel
looks down on us with her brightly shining eyes –
sometimes scorching, sometimes soothing,
but always filled with love.

When in a mood,
she drapes herself in darker hues
and applies mascara to her beautiful eyes.
Her beauty at that moment
seems strikingly stunning.

But when the mascara is applied
a bit too much – it results in tears
drenching us on the dry, parched earth beneath,
adding majestic splendor
to its beauteous forms.


The picture used is made using ms-paint using beautiful pics that can be found at:

sunrise –

azure – http://wallpapers.androlib.com/wallicons/wallpaper.big-wBq.cs.png
noon – http://www.2dayblog.com/images/2011/may/550x-halo-son-3.jpg
Dark, yet beauteous sky – http://cdn7.staztic.com/app/a/3289/3289566/3d-sky-1-7-s-307×512.jpg
sunset at pattaya – http://asiasociety.org/files/140925_pod_thailand.jpg
night – https://opheliadrinkwater.files.wordpress.com/2013/10/nifah.jpeg

Thanks for the befitting images 🙂