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14th September, 2000 | 10:00 – 10:07

As he lay on his bed, eyes closed,
Something from the past flashed in his mind –
tearing apart
the multitude of memories stored in his heart.

He was transformed into a young lad
of about twenty-three –
fun-loving, cheerful, and carefree.
That day, though,
he was lying on a hospital bed, eyes closed,
with a glucose-drip pinned to his wrist.

He had met with an accident that morning.

But then, he had forgotten
all the pain when she came.
She, the (then) avowed love of his life,
she, without whom, he thought couldn’t survive –
but today, he was still surviving.
He thought, and smiled.

She had those Doe-like, really big eyes.
Beautiful. Pretty. Very expressive eyes.
As she looked at him with his bandaged head,
he saw so many questions being showered at him
through the tears that shone in her eyes.

He smiled at her with his
just-been-sewn-and-bandaged head.
The pearls were just welling up
in the corners of her eyes.
He knew that if she ever loved him,
it was at that moment.
And he was correct.

He smiled again, now.

For today, those eyes
were just memories stored in time
that he could just think of, and envision.
those eyes aren’t around to make him smile.

But, he knows that
the eyes in his life around him today,
will shower their love on him,
with all their heart – forever.


The poem has references to: https://tbofsblog.wordpress.com/2014/11/23/the-empty-mind-part-4-of-4/
and https://tbofsblog.wordpress.com/2014/10/16/the-days-done/

The picture used is a photoshop work of two beautiful pics that can be found at:


Thanks for the perfectly adorable images! 🙂