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14th September, 2000 | 10:00 – 10:07

It was gasping for breath
even as it was being born.
It had a Hole.
Though it required tremendous effort,
it kept on pulsating; beating non-stop,
to keep the one it was fitted in, alive.

As he grew older, rather, younger,
the Hole somehow filled up with medications –
but perhaps a crack, some traces, remained.
It was through this opening that
many came into his life, filling it
with warmth and love.

These people were like shadows
who came in while the sun shone.
But as the Night drew close, they noticed the gap –
through which they had trickled in – closing,
trying to hold them within itself forever,
they dodged the Entrapper, and slipped away.
Leaving it dark, dead, and cold
like the moonless night outside.


The picture used can be found at the following link:

Thanks for the perfect image! 🙂

– reading the lines after almost 14 years. feel heavy myself.