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24th August, 2000 | 8:04 – 8:15

I am not referring here to RAM –
Random Access Memory –
as we know it.

I’m calling out to Lord RAM.
He functions in a similar fashion
as a RAM does.

He stores, and when requested,
provides the memory data stored
through the years.

His RAM capacity is not in GBs
that may fit in human brains.
He works per TBs. Tid-bits.

Tid-bits of memories, Tid-bits of remembrances,
Tid-bits of endless moments –
experienced by each one of us.

Unlike RAM – His RAM
is inerasable, crash-proof.
The Data stays spanning multiple lives.

With my inexhaustive Faith
in Your Incomprehensible, Indestructible Power,
I bow to you, my RAM.


The picture used can be found at the following link:

Thanks for the perfect image!