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13th August, 2000 | 14:04 – 14:11

Remember Star Trek?
Captain Kirk, and Mister Spock?
With those extra-terrestrial ears?
What adventures they had!

To go to a planet Where No Man Has Gone Before
unknown, unchartered, undiscovered –
they just had to stand in a special area,
get energized into atoms,
– and reappear in a New World!

We are not so advanced, however.
To send someone to another world,
unknown, unchartered, undiscovered –
we either lit a pyre,
or bury them in a grave.

Like Kirk’s crew, we don’t know where they go to –
or what adventures they may face.
But, like Kirk and his friends, they too return –
Though in a different body,
at a different place.


The picture used can be found at the following link:

Thanks for the perfect image!