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The Empty Mind – Part 1 (of 4)
The Empty Mind – Part 2 (of 4)


4th August, 2000 | 23:20 – 23:40

On the morning the day the play was to be staged, he rushed for a final practice, lost and excited, thinking about the play, and if this was the right time to propose to someone he had come to like a lot.


That was the sound he would remember forever.

While coming down a slope, lost as he was, he did not notice the bus that overtook him. The bus had applied sudden brakes, and his head had banged against the rear of the bus.

“Damn!” he said as he felt something trickle down his forehead, and he saw drops of blood dripping continuously. Still in his senses, he bent to pick up his bag and cycle. Out of nowhere, a few strong arms grabbed him and pulled him to the side of the road, as he saw one carry his bag and cycle next to him. These were some angels of God who stayed in a slum nearby the road who made him sit down. One shouted “Get some water”, other shouted “Get some cloth too!”

There was a lady passing by – perhaps going to the office. She came over and asked someone to get sugar and apply so as to quicken the clotting process. One suggested that he be taken to the closest hospital, one offered to fetch a rickshaw, and yet another offered to carry his cycle and bag to the Hospital.

As he was being carried to the Hospital on the rickshaw, he was again lost in thoughts. Only this time around, they were a bit different – and funny.


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