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4th August, 2000 | 20:00 – 20:20

He was one of the rare few to go for Masters in English, moving from a Bachelors in Commerce. That he found himself in a totally new environment when he joined the Deptt. of English would be stating the obvious. However, the whole change in the atmosphere came as a very pleasant surprise for him.

He had never imagined that in a University infamous for its hooliganism, scuffles between students, between students and police, and between all and sundry, there could also exist such a peaceful and motivating department. It was like a Lotus in a dirty pond.

It being his basic nature (- and in this case, luck too), he was soon introduced to a gang of friends. Very soon, he was part of thirteen great people – three being guys. The two years were a roller coaster ride – with a difference. They all were immersed in literary knowledge being imparted by knowledgeable teachers. They fell from the Heavens with Milton, shared their indecisiveness with Hamlet, and raped the curly locks of Belinda – while enjoying the Canterbury Tales of Chaucer on a long journey of joyous company – sharing each others sorrows, love, jokes and above all, lunch boxes on the stairs. Can you visualize them?

Each person in the group was talented in their own unique ways and had their own manner of displaying emotions, practicality, naivety, and approach. A fine morning, one of their lecturers informed that she was a part of a Theatre Group called ART and that she needed a few actors for an upcoming play. Up shot the arms of four of the thirteen, him included. The meeting place, timing etc. was discussed, and they were excited beyond words.


to be continued…