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2nd July, 2000 | 14:30 – 15:00

Tess is in trouble –
terrible trouble.
“But who’s Tess?”
– you ask.
I’ll tell you.

She’s a darling daughter
of an uncaring, unloving,
corrupt farmer father.
She has a large family
and she loves them all dearly.
She also pays dearly for their sins.

She wants to provide for each,
something surely beyond her reach –
hence, the discrepancy, the discrimination.

She doesn’t differentiate between them –
They themselves are fools enough to do it.
They fight, they hurt, ready to kill, ready, to throw dirt.
Magical monsoons do not tend to her anymore –
they fail to provide her the flourishing greens;
and if they do, the powerful pull it under unmoving chairs.

She’s an angel,
an epitome of simplicity.
There’s nothing vain in her.
Yet, all she gets is sheer pain
from her own family.
Why, I fail to understand.

They molest her modesty –
corrupt her honesty –
disrupt fraternity – all in the name of modernity!

How are you planning to help Tess
overcome her terrible troubles?

Inspired by Tess of the d’Urbervilles (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tess_of_the_d’Urbervilles) by Thomas Hardy, I have tried to portray the plight of Tess = Mother India.

The image used is from the Epic Indian Movie – Mother India:

There can’t be a better pic for this.