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2nd June, 2000 | 23:20 – 23:35

“The old order changeth,
yielding place to new”.
There sure are practices to change –
Dowry, corruption, and casteism – to name a few.

I believe in abolishing them –
and I know, so do you.

Come, join me, let’s
change the rotting order –
mustn’t we first fight the enemy within
and then watch our borders?

Be awry of taking Dowry,
do not crib for bribes;
we all are born, and die the same –
what’s this about clans and tribes?

Nothing’s more shameful than
husbands selling for cash and kind –
people killing, and being killed –
are we really out of our minds?


The image used is from http://izquotes.com/quotes-pictures/quote-the-old-order-changeth-yielding-place-to-new-and-god-fulfils-himself-in-many-ways-lest-one-good-alfred-tennyson-311116.jpg
Thanks for the perfect image!

Also refer Line 48 of ‘The Passing of Arthur’ by Alfred Tennyson: http://www.bartleby.com/246/392.html