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23rd May, 2000 | 6:00 – 6:05

He, the fallen one,
slid through the beauteous blossoms,
leading her to the tree
that bore It.

He made her have It,
and made her, make him –
the apple of His Eyes –
have It too.
Making both, like himself,
the Fallen Ones.

Centuries later,
as he sat under the tree,
It fell on his head,
and he realized,
and made us realize too –
why can’t we go up –
why can’t we remain close to Him.

It’s falling proved
the presence of a Force
that makes us remain
the Fallen Ones.


The image used is from celebrityoccultcodes.blogspot.com

Thanks for the perfect image! 🙂

Interesting thought – “If Adam and Eve had been Chinese, we would still be in Paradise because they would have eaten the snake instead of the Apple.”