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10th February, 2000 | 19:50 – 20:15

‘Ho-hum’ said I,
On the first day, as I ope’d my eye
to a bright, sunlit morn.

I was closely attached
to the branch that
held me by my veins,
providing me water and food –
my life-blood.

The branch sprouted
from the Main stem
Whose Roots were firmly fixed,
With a strong bond of Love –
With the soil, its Mother.
I was a proud part of them.

As the weather changed,
and the Sun grew harsh,
the Elder Leaves protected me
from harm – in turn
losing their own shining sheen.

Then came the Rains,
and I bathed in
softly sliding showers
that the protective leaves let fall.
I never felt more newer, nourished.

When the weather dried,
the elderly, protective leaves
fell away. Leaving me alone –
perhaps to take care
of the new leaves sprouting beneath me.