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23rd June, 1997

I’m a Sagittarian, a person who lives his life as it comes along, worries about everything – yet almost nothing. Of all the wonderful experiences I’ve had, and all the beautiful people that I’ve met, she was the one I’ll never forget till my last breath.

Her sun sign? – a Saggi, of course!

We were two adolescents in love, but yet, were almost like children. She had the most beautiful features and face that I’d ever seen – till I saw her. We were almost immediately attracted towards each other, the day our eyes first met. I remember the day in 1992 when she had come with her mother, who had rather ferocious looks. A sharp contrast to her innocent looks. The good news was that she was going to stay with us for quite some time – and boy, was I happy!

The first few days passed off without any special incident. We used to have our food together, and that I had started developing an intense liking for everything she said, or did. She had a very graceful, feminine walk, and still maintained a royal stance when she sat or stood. She had a great capacity of expressing her feelings without using words – she just had to use her eyes, and the message got through to me. And when she looked at me out of the corner of her eyes, it raised my spirits to unknown, dizzying heights.

In a few days time, we developed a very close bond with each other. I shared my innermost secrets with her, and she kept my trust alive by never disclosing them to anyone. She was the most understanding friend I’ve ever had. Whenever I was upset, she could understand it, and then sit beside me for hours consoling me, making me feel better. We used to play, walk, talk, even dance together. Our love was becoming quite obvious and it didn’t take long for my parents to discover it – thankfully, they accepted our relationship as it was.

Many a times we were left alone in the house as my parents had to attend to their respective chores, and respecting their faith in our relationship, we never crossed our limits. It was only to the extent that I used to caress her and kiss her forehead, and she planted pecks on my cheeks time and again. She used to lie down on my arms, close to me, and sleep, while I gently ran my fingers through her hair. She looked so contended, beautiful, and peaceful while sleeping that I could never move my arms lest it woke her up.

Then, on that fateful day in October 1995, news came that her mother had expired. Unable to bear the shock, she fell seriously ill and stopped eating anything, despite all our efforts. Her condition too worsened day by day, and she had to be put on a drip, but to no avail. One day, while I was awake, she fell into a deep slumber. Never to wake up again.

Even today my eyes get moist, and have still not come out of the sorrow. She left a void in my heart that can never be filled by anyone else.

I still remember, and miss, my fair-as-snow, lovely, innocent spitz, Cuddly.