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22nd November, 1996 | 20:45 – 21:20

How did I grow up, I don’t think I really know –
Times were rough, the roads high and low.

My childhood was spent innocent,
In love and happiness I seemed to grow.
Growing up, I met newer people,
I learnt about life, and things people do.

Friends made me laugh, some, made me cry –
But I always believed that life’s worth a try.
Some friends were true, some had me cheated,
Sometimes I won, sometimes, was defeated.

I’ve loved to give, and loved to learn –
Whether the beggar was rich, or the teacher stern.
Tears don’t come into my eyes, even if I’m sad,
For I believe that everything’s not that bad.

People misunderstood me a lot of times,
And giving explanations didn’t work –
I’ve loved to spread joy and laughter,
Even if they called me a jerk.

They fight over temples and towers,
And forget the only Divine Power.
My life’s aim is to spread fraternity,
And will try to spread till eternity.

Today, when I look around me,
I feel happy, and I feel rich,
I’ve earned many friendships,
And have all their support-
I know they’ll be there for me,
Strengthening my life’s rapport.