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11th July, 1996 (modified on 21st June, 1997)

Life’s cycle goes on,
And you keep meeting newer faces –
Some fade away with time,
Some, leave their traces.

First love’s a feeling that never perishes,
It’s a feeling that everyone cherishes.
It’s the feeling of a new life –
The first wish of having a wife!

You can’t forget her cherubic eyes,
When for the first time your gaze froze;
You can never forget her smile,
When you first gave her a rose.

You can’t forget how you sprinted,
Just to catch a glimpse of her;
Ah! The day you were leaving,
Wasn’t her vision but a tearful blur?

You can’t forget how you danced,
When she looked at you that day,
You can’t forget the moment,
When she stole your heart away.

You can’t forget your first love,
Till you hear your death knell.