24th January, 1996 ||  1:20 AM

(Inspired by the rhyming tune of the serial ‘A Mouthful Of Sky’ – apart from my own feelings about India. Also, the only poem I wrote after spending a considerable amount of time going through the Pocket Oxford Dictionary.)

Sire! Sire! Sire!

India was a country
Of rubies, emeralds, and sapphires –
Where Linnets sang,
And musicians played lyres.
We were united. There was peace, and love,
Our hearts had no other desires.

How has casteism crept up?
How has communalism set our country afire?
No. Neither do we hurt them – nor do they hurt us.
It’s only the henchmen the politicians hire.

Where are these men hiding?
Where are there lairs?
We have become but puppets,
While politicians pull the wires.

Why are women suffering atrocities?
Why are they being burnt on dowry’s pyre?
Where there was fertile land once,
Nothing’s left, except mire.
Where there should be industries,
One can only see countless byres.

Seeing India in such a condition,
Fills me with an irascible ire.
My countrymen, Arise, Awake, and Assert –
Or be ready to face consequences dire.