10th November, 1995  ||  21:30-21:47

O’ humanity!

Where art thou?
Or have you from the civilizations,
Been banished?

Are you residing beneath
Some politicians chair?
Or hiding beneath
Some terrorists’ beard?

Has your voice been suppressed
By some pundits chants, loudly expressed?
Or all your gaudy elements
Been crushed, by some anti-social elements?

These are some questions we have to answer,
Or prepare ourselves to suffer.
For no civilization can survive
If it cannot revive
The religions of love, unity, and fraternity –
And forget distinctions based on Islam, Hinduism, or Christianity!

Some of the pressing needs are a few good deeds
That will create creeds not based on any greed,
Are rather devoid of the feelings of hatred or casteism,
And are based on the pure feeling of
Indian Humanity.