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1st August, 1995  || 13:25 – 13:40 PM

Why, of course I’ve heard of a country called India.

Where are its inhabitants?
And what are they called?

America raises Americans,
Cuba gives birth to Cubans,
But, who are the children of Mother India?

Yes, yes, I had heard of such a race.

But where does it exist now?
In India?
Why, if there be any Indian,
Who does not differentiate between himself,
And his brethren of other religions,
And takes pride in being an Indian,
Take me to him.

Let me see him, know him,
Let me bow down before him,
And let me touch his feet –
For he is the one who will lead India to glory;
For he’s the son Mother India has truly borne.

I wonder.
I wonder how he survives
In a country of such sick people.
Sick minds that separate two brothers
Made from the same soil!

If there be, but one Indian,
My salutations to him!
I pray to him to wake up others –
To forget their differences and make India One,
To get united, and make the Mother,
Once again, feel proud of her sons.